Facebook Internet Packages Details of Jazz and Telenor

Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks with multiple social features. I think Everyone who uses the internet, knows about the Facebook network. Recently Facebook changed its company name Facebook to Meta. The main reason to change the name is that Facebook bought WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, Facebook developing new social media networks. That’s why Facebook needs a unique name for its company to manage all social platforms.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Facebook internet package list and its details. I’ll share all the basic information with you related to Facebook internet packages. And give the packages activation code of all network SIM cards. As you know, In Pakistan almost everyone is using Facebook. When your data bundle gets expired, how you can activate the Facebook package again, and what’s the activation code. That’s why I’m writing this article for you. In this post, I’ll explain Jazz and Telenor on Facebook packages in detail.

Jazz Facebook Internet Packages

Jazz is a well-known telecom network in Pakistan with great 4G speed packages. Jazz provides internet packages at affordable prices to its customers to stay connected with friends through social media. That’s the reason why Jazz is very popular in Pakistan. To make customers happier, Jazz introduced Facebook daily, weekly and monthly packages at reliable prices.

Jazz Daily Facebook Package

If you are trying to find Facebook daily internet package for your Jazz SIM. Then try this Jazz daily Facebook package for Rs. 5 plus tax. In this bundle, you’ll get 200 MBs for WhatsApp use, and 200 MBs for Facebook usage. This offer will be valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours, The package will be expired automatically. To activate Jazz daily Facebook packages, Dial *455# from your Jazz SIM.

  • The Jazz Facebook bundle charges are Rs. 5.98 plus tax.
  • After activating, You will get 400 MBs (200 Mbs for Facebook and 200 for WhatsApp).
  • This package will be valid for the next 24 hours.
  • To activate this offer, Dial *445# from your Jazz SIM Card.
  • To check the status of [packages, Dial *455*2#.
  • To deactivate this bundle, Simply dial *455*4#.

Jazz Weekly Facebook Package

Do you need more Facebook internet data for a week? Then you should try the Jazz weekly Facebook package with amazing speed. For Jazz weekly Facebook bundle, Dial *660# from your phone. This package will give you social and browsing internet data to enjoy both. You can enjoy it for 7 days on Facebook at a reliable price. The Jazz weekly Facebook package details are mentioned below with the activation code.

  •  Jazz weekly Facebook bundle charges are Rs. 50 plus tax.
  • In this bundle you will get, 8 GB inter for Facebook and 8 GB for WhatsApp & IMO.
  • This offer can be used for 7 days.
  • Dial *660# from your Jazz SIM to activate this bundle.
  • To check the status of weekly packages, Dial *660*2#.
  • This offer will be deactivated automatically after 7 days.

Jazz Monthly Facebook Packages

Jazz has not designed any special packages for Facebook. But there are available many packages at different prices. The Monthly packages you more data for heavy usage. To find Jazz monthly packages, Visit Jazz’s official website or download App from the play store. Also, Comment down below if you need any package code.

How to Use Facebook Free on Jazz SIM Card?

Those Jazz users who are using Facebook newly Can use Facebook for free for 30 days. Just follow these steps to use Facebook for free on a Jazz SIM card. There is no specific way to activate the bundle. Just you have to open Facebook or the website and select the option “Go Free”. This option is available on the top right of the Facebook dashboard. By selecting that option, You can enjoy Facebook for 30 days for free.

Jazz Terms and Conditions

  • There is no service and hidden charges to use Facebook for free.
  • While activating Facebook free, It’s a lightweight facebook version. You can’t watch videos and photos.
  • All package prices are changed at any time by the company.
  • Some packages will be re-activated automatically.
  • Also for Some packages, you have to dial the code again to re-activate.
  • After activating any packages, You can’t get a refund for them.
  • For help dial 310 from your Jazz SIM for customer care.

Telenor Facebook Ineternet Packages

Telenor is a 4G supported network in Pakistan with millions of customers. Telenor offers internet, voice, and SMS services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. As you know, Telenor always launches new packages and offers to make customers happy. Some days ago Telenor introduced Facebook internet packages to stay connected with friends and family with Facebook. There are multiple packages with different data and prices. Choose your favorite one and start browsing Facebook.

Telenor provides daily, weekly, and monthly Facebook packages at reliable prices. You can use internet data with 2G, 3G, and 4G phones. In this article, I’ll give the all details of Telenor Facebook packages. You can use Facebook internet data to watch videos, photos, and more. Let’s talk about Telenor daily, weekly and monthly packages in detail.

Telenor Daily Facebook Package

You are searching for lightweight packages for a day? Then you should try this package because it’s available at a low price. Telenor offers one daily Facebook package with 50 MBs for 24 hours at Rs 1.19 plus tax. In this package, you can access Facebook and WhatsApp at the same time. To subscribe to this offer, Simply dial *311# from your Telenor SIM Card.

Telenor Weekly Facebook Package

You are not interested in daily Facebook packages anymore? Then you can look for the weekly Facebook package. Telenor did not introduce any special package for Facebook. But we have one weekly for you. You can activate this offer to use Facebook for a week with a large amount of data.

Telenor Weekly Facebook package will give you 8 GB plus one GB for Goonj tv. Don’t worry 8 GB of the internet can be used for Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms. The offer charges are Rs. 185 including taxes. Keep in mind, That package prices can be changed at any time by Telenor company. For that, I’m not responsible. Contact Telenor company before activating any package. Here is the procedure to activate this offer on your Telenor SIM card.

  • Subscribe to this package by dialing *336# from your Telenor SIM.
  • These package charges are Rs. 185 including taxes.
  • You will get 8GB of internet for all apps and websites. But 1GB extra for Goonj tv.
  • This package data can be used in 7 days. After the expiry of the package. You have to subscribe again.
  • The package price can be changed by the company at any time.

Telenor Monthly Facebook Package

Many peoples like monthly packages rather than daily and weekly. This is because the monthly package gives us the comfort of 30 days. we don’t have to be worried about package expiry and reactivation. So if you like the monthly package too? Then here is one monthly Facebook internet package for you.

This monthly package will give you three thousand megabytes for Facebook and WhatsApp and hundred megabytes to access other websites and apps. While subscribing to this offer, You have to recharge your sim for Rs. 50. And the package charges are Rs. 44.45. Here are more details about this package down below.

  • Activate this package just by dialing *911# from your Telenor SIM card.
  • The package charges are Rs. 44.45 plus tax.
  • After activation of this package, You will receive 3GB for Facebook and WhatsApp and 100 MB for Other Apps and websites.
  • This package will be valid for 30 days.
  • Then dial this code again to re-activate this monthly package.
  • Contact Telenor customer care for more help by dialing 345.

Article Overview

This article is all about Telenor and Jazz Facebook Internet packages to stay connected with your friends and family. I have shared daily, weekly and monthly Facebook packages of Telenor and Jazz. For kind of questions related to Facebook packages comment down below. I will answer of all your questions as soon as possible for me. Have a good. Thank You!

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