How Many SIMs are Registered on My ID Card? Check Details

Those days are gone When everyone was registering SIMs on someone else id card without the owner’s knowledge. In past, PTA takes many actions to stop this illegal activity in Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announced verify SIM card biometric verification. Otherwise without a verified SIM card will be blocked. This was the best action that PTA take. Also nowadays we need to do biometric verification before registering SIM on cards. Now registering a SIM card on someone else ID card is impossible. PTA still taking action and working on new technology to stop illegal activities while using SIM cards.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) main work is to maintain and regulate the telecom networks to provide the best network signals. Also, PTA the has right to stop illegal activity while registering and using SIM Cards. The PTA has already taken many actions and still working on new technology. PTA also launched a portable where anyone can check how many SIM cards are registered on his id card. This is the amazing feature that the PTA introduced for all Pakistani people for free.

Let’s talk about how you can check your sim card list which is registered on your ID Card online and for free.

Check SIMs Registered on ID Card

Recently PTA introduced a portal where people of Pakistan can check their sim card list using their ID Card numbers. Don’t worry, This portal is absolutely free and you can check your sim card list online. This postal is accessible through mobile and laptop. To check your SIM card details, which are registered on your CNIC, Just need to enter your 11 numbers of id cards on the portal box. Then in a few seconds portal will show all the details about your SIM Cards.

If you found any suspicious activity, While checking your SIM card list. Then don’t hesitate to report that network to clock SIM immediately. Also, You can report the SIM card to PTA about SIM blocking. After reporting suspicious activity of SIM, Your SIM will be blocked in a few minutes. Which was registered on your ID Card without your knowledge. This is helpful and easy, right?

Let’s talk about How you can check your SIM Cards list online? Here we go.

  • First of All, Open on your browser.
  • Then You will see a text box, Enter your ID Card Number there.
  • After Entering the ID Card number click on submit button.
  • Then the website will start loading.
  • After loading, You will see the list of SIM Card. Which are registered on your ID Card.
  • Check the SIM Cards details, If something then reports to that network immediately to block the SIM.

It is your responsibility to take care of SIM Card registration against your ID Card. If you found that one of the SIM is registered on your ID Card without your knowledge then report it immediately to stop illegal activity in Pakistan. Be part of stopping illegal activity against SIM cards by reporting to that network and PTA. It’s every Pakistani citizen’s responsibility.

Report of Illegal SIM Card Registration

As we discussed before that it’s our and everyone Pakistani’s responsibility to report the illegal SIM registration to make Pakistan safe. That’s why PTA ordered all sim cards to provide a support number, where customers can report their stolen and illegal sim card registration. I’ll share the details about all SIM Card network’s helpline numbers. Where you can report about your SIM Card.

Jazz Helpline Number

Jazz always cares for its customers when they facing any problem. That’s why Jazz telecom introduced a helpline number. Where customers can report and lodge complaints about sim card registration without their knowledge. Also, Jazz customers can block their stolen or lost sim cards. If you are a Jazz customer then you can call the customer care helpline by dialing 111. If you are using any other network sim and you want to contact the jazz customer helpline then dial 111-300-300. Keep in mind that standard charges may apply by calling customer care.

  • Jazz Customer call on 111 for any help.
  • Other SIM customers can contact the Jazz helpline by dialing 111-300-300.

Ufone Helpline Number

Ufone Telecom company is also serious about stolen and lost sim cards. you can easily report a sim card that is lost or stolen. but make sure SIM should be registered against your ID card. If not, then you can’t block that SIM card. When you can Ufone customer care they will verify some personal information. For example, Your name, ID Card number, Date of birth, and mother’s name. If all the information matches Your sim card and ID card details then you can request to block that number.

Here is the number of Ufone SIM card helplines for Ufone customers and other Network customers to contact with Ufone helpline. If you are calling Ufone customer care on your Ufone SIM card then dial 333. If you are calling from any other network then dial 111-333-100. The standard charges may apply while calling customer care.

  • Dial 333 from Your Ufone SIM card for the Ufone Customer care helpline.
  • Dial 111-333-100 from any other SIM card to talk with Ufone Helpline.

Zong Helpline Number

Zong was the first Telecom network that launched 4G services in Pakistan with great stability. Zong also offers a customer care helpline for stolen or lost sim cards. As compared to other networks Zong provides two numbers for the helpline. One is for Zong customers and the second one is for other network users. If you are a Zong customer then open your dialer and type 310 and press the call button. If you are another network user then open the dialer and type 111-222-111 and press the call button to call the Zong helpline.

After being connected with Zong’s representative, tell them all the story about your stolen, lost, or illegal registration of a sim card. then will ask for some personal details. After successful verification, You can request them to block your SIM card to stop illegal use. During this call, Standard charges of the call may apply.

  • Are you a Zong customer? If yes then Open Dialer, Type 310 and press the call button.
  • If you are using any other sim, Then dial 111-222-111 for the Zong customer helpline.

Telenor Helpline Number

Telenor takes SIM cards lost or stolen very seriously. Because after stealing or losing your SIM. Anyone can use it for illegal activities. That’s why it’s important to block your Telenor SIM card by calling to Telenor Customer care helpline. They will ask for some information and after verifying they will block your sim card. Also, If you notice any sim card which is registered against your ID Card. Then also you need to block it by calling customer care.

  • Telenor Customers dial 345 from Telenor SIM Card for any help.
  • Other SIM Users dial 111-345-100 from any SIM Card.

How Many SIM Cards are allowed on one ID Card?

As per PTA rules, Only five sims can be registered on an ID Card. If you want a new sim, Then delete any old sim card to get a new one.

How Can I Check my all sim card list?

To check your all sim card lists registered against your id card follow these steps.

  • Open Messages App.
  • Compose a new message and write your ID Card number in there.
  • Then send on 668 from any sim card.
  • In a few seconds, you will receive a message with all of your sim card data.

Article Overview

As you know, this article is all about SIM card details. I have explained everything to check your sim data online and how you can block them. If you still have any questions in mind related to SIM Card Details. Then comment down below. I will try my best to give you the answer in details. Keep sharing my articles with your friends and family, who are searching for informative articles. Have a nice day. Thanks

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