How to Earn Money Online With WhatsApp App?

We all know about WhatsApp and its usage and benefits. But many peoples are searching to find how to make money with WhatsApp. To make extra money in my free time. Not Bad Right? So, that’s why I’m writing this article to make money with WhatsApp. There are hundreds of methods to earn money with WhatsApp. But in this article, I’ll explain some important and easiest ways to start your online journey. In the beginning, you need to work hard to start making money with WhatsApp.

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Those days are gone When people worked hard to earn money online. But now the world has changed. Anyone from anywhere can start making money online at home without any investment is possible. Just you need to have a laptop or mobile phone with internet data to start making money online. Just you have to focus on one earning method. Because there are thousands of methods to start making money online. So let’s talk about making money online with WhatsApp groups.

Keep reading this article from start to end to learn about all methods to earn money with WhatsApp. You can check out several methods of earning which are without investment.

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Earn Money With Affiliate Program

I think too many peoples know about the affiliate program in detail. If you don’t know about affiliates then I can explain a little bit about affiliate programs. Basically, the affiliate is a commission-based program. Where you sell something to friends to any other person. After a successful sale, you will get a commission. For example, you sold a mobile phone through your affiliate link. The phone price is 400 dollars. And the commission of affiliates is 10 percent. Then you will earn 40 dollars in this sale.

This is how the affiliate program works. If you are interested to earn money with an affiliate program through WhatsApp. Then join any affiliate program and start sharing your affiliate link with your friends on WhatsApp. Also, You can join multiple WhatsApp groups related to your affiliate product and start sharing your link. How simple is that to earn money through an affiliate program right? Then start online earning from your home. Here are some examples of affiliate program companies.

  • Amazon.Com
  • Bluehost.Com
  • Hostinger.Com
  • Hostgator.Com
  • Fiverr.Com

Earn Money With Short Links

To earn money by making short URLs and sharing on WhatsApp groups is also too easy and simple. Many peoples are making hundreds of dollars every day through this method. So, If you are looking for a simple and easy way to make money online without investment. Then I think you go for it If this is your first time earning money online. There are multiple sites that offer to shorten your links and share them anywhere. Let me explain to you more about it.

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First of All, You have to copy a video, product, or any website link. Which do you want to share? Then go to any short-making URL websites like etc. After making a short URL, You have to join WhatsApp groups related to your link. For example video WhatsApp group. After joining groups, Share your Short URL there. When people visit your short URL to watch the video. Then you make a small profit on it. This is how it works. Here is the list of some popular short URL-making websites.


Promoting Your Own Website

Are you the owner of any website? If yes then you can place any network ads on your website. And start promoting your own website on WhatsApp. This is also an interesting and best way to make money online. Make sure to join groups related to your website content. If you have a news website, Then join news-related WhatsApp groups and share your website there. Then people will visit to read the news then they will see ads on your blog or website. This is how you will make money through your own website.

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If you don’t have a blog or website. Then don’t worry, You can create your own blog with a few clicks WordPress and Blogger, etc. You can read more articles about How to Create Your Own Blog and watch videos. But trust me you can create your own website and blog in a few minutes. Here is the list of blog and website builders, Where you will be able your own blog for free.

  • WordPress.Com
  • Blogger.Com
  • Wix.Com
  • Weebly.Com

Make Money Through Apps

Anyone can make an app and earn money from it is normal these days. If you know something about app development then you can choose this method to earn money through WhatsApp. Just you have to make a game or app and publish it on the google play store. And start promoting your own app on WhatsApp Groups. Then will people will install your app and play games etc. While using your games and app they will watch your app ads. When they will see your app ads then you will be able to make money from them.

You can place multiple networks ad. For example Admob network ads, StartApp Ads, UnityAds, and Applovin ads. These Networks will pay you on a monthly basis when you complete their threshold. If you don’t know anything about apps. Then don’t worry, You can create your own app through websites without coding. Also, you can create an app with coding through Android Studio.

You can check out the app builders list below. Where you can create an app without knowledge of android development. Just you have to follow some instructions of the builder.

  • AppCreator24.Com
  • AppsGeyser.Com
  • Niotron.Com
  • Appypie.Com

Earn Money With Your Videos

As you know, Millions of people are using WhatsApp every time. They are chatting and sharing videos through WhatsApp messaging and groups too. If you join WhatsApp Groups related to your Youtube Channel or your video. Then Make an informative video and upload it on Youtube. Then copy the link of it and share it in WhatsApp Groups. When peoples start watching your videos then you can start making money from them. But keep in mind, You have to complete 1000 subscribes and 4 thousand watch hours. Then you’ll be able to earn money through Youtube With WhatsApp.

I think you still have a question in your mind right? That can I share my affiliate, website, short URL, and app link with my friends through private messages. The answer is yes, You can share your link with your friends privately and in public groups too. It’s your choice where you will share your link to start making money online.


In this article, I shared five different methods to earn money. I researched before writing this article to give you a better experience. I hope this article will help you to start making money online through WhatsApp. Is this article helpful for you? Then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Who is excited to make money online with WhatsApp? Have Good Day. Thanks

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