How to Get Advance Balance Loan on All SIM Cards?

Almost everyone in Pakistan uses a mobile phone and SIM card. But sometimes they forget the Advance Balance Code. That’s what this article is about. In this article, you will learn about Ufone, Jazz, Telenor, and Zong SIM Card balance loans in advance. We will talk about Advance Balance Code in detail. All telecom companies in Pakistan are trying to provide the best services to their customers at affordable prices. That is why all telecom networks offer advance loans to meet the needs of the customers. If you still have any questions after reading this article, you can comment below. So, let’s start talking in advance about all network Advance Balance loans.

Zong Advance Balance Loan Code

CMPAK Limited is a Chinese company doing business in Pakistan under the name Zong. Zong is the best and most listed telecom operator in the Pakistani market. Zong offers calling, SMS, and internet services in Pakistan at affordable rates and 4G speeds. Zong has received many awards for his outstanding services. In a short span of time, Zong has made a name for itself in the Pakistani telecom market. We can say that Zong is the largest telecom company in Pakistan with 30 million subscribers.

I forgot how to get Zong’s loan advance and what is the procedure behind it. So, don’t worry in this section, I am going to scan everything about Zong Advance Loan Balance. Follow the instructions and get Zong SIM prepaid balance loan without any hassle. If there is no balance or low balance, to get an advance Zong loan, just dial * 911 # and send it. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation message regarding the loan balance you have submitted.

How to Get Zong Advance Loan Balance?

Just follow these steps for Zong’s advance loan balance.

  • Open your phone keypad and dial *911# and sent it.
  • After a few seconds, a message will pop up, and also you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • If you are eligible for an advance loan then Rs. 20 will be credited to your account balance immediately.
  • This Emergency advance loan balance extra charges are Rs. 3 every time.
  • You can request one time for the advance loan until you will recharge your SIM Card.
  • After Recharging you can request another advance loan balance through this method.
  • This service is only for prepaid customers.

Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code

Ufone Telecom Mobile is a mobile services company that is a part of PTCL. It provides SMS, internet, and call services to its customer. Ufone loan code is *456#. Through this code, you can get an advance loan in a few seconds. Ufone has over 25 million customers in the Pakistan mobile market. To get this advance loan balance, Your SIM Card balance should be less than 12 rupees. Before dialing the advance loan code, Please keep in mind your sim card balance should be reloaded in the last 29 days. Ufone is trying to extend 4G coverage in more cities of Pakistan. The main intention is to increase 4G services to more states and regions of Pakistan.

How to Get Ufone Advance Load Balance?

  • It is easy to get a Ufone SIM Card advance loan balance. Just follow these steps;
  • Dial *456# to get the advance balance on Ufone SIM Card.
  • After a few seconds, You will receive an email related to advance load.
  • After receiving the confirmation message Rs. 20 will be added to your SIM Card.
  • The extra charges of Rs. 4.40 will be deducted when you recharge.
  • Before dialing the advance load code keep in mind again your balance must be less than 12 or 11 rupees.
  • This advance loan code is only for prepaid customers.
  • You can only get one advance of Rs. 20 until you will recharge next time.

I hope everything is cleared related Ufone Sim card loan balance. For more information related to Ufone SIM Advance Loan Balance, please visit Ufone’s official website.

Jazz Advance Balance Loan Code

Jazz is a well-known 4G speed telecom operator in Pakistan. We all know that sometimes in emergencies. When we need a balance to make a call but we don’t have one. Then we know how important it is to keep a debt balance. How do some customers get Advance Credit and Jazz Advance Loan Code? But don’t worry, I will share everything about Jazz Credit Loan Code in this article.

The Jazz company gives you an advance loan of Rs. 15 when your balance is less than 15 rupees. When you need a Jazz advance balance loan just dial *112# from your prepaid sim card and in a few seconds you will receive an advance balance of Rs. 15. After getting the Jazz advance balance, when you will recharge next time the number of Rs. 18.5 will be deducted automatically. You can only receive an advance balance one time until you will recharge your sim card.

How to Get Jazz Advance Loan Balance?

  • To get a Jazz advance loan just dial *112# on your phone.
  • After dialing, You will receive a confirmation message related to the Jazz loan balance.
  • A few seconds later the balance of rupees 15 will be added automatically.
  • When you request an advance loan you will be charged Rs. 3.50 plus tax extra every time.
  • To unsubscribe from this service, Just dial *112*4#. Then a few seconds later you will receive a message related to unsubscription.

Telenor Advance Balance Loan Code

Telenor is basically a Norwegian majority state telecom company that is working in Pakistan. It is the world’s largest telecom company in Asia. Telenor provides call, SMS, and internet 4G services all over Pakistan. Telenor is also providing an advance loan balance with the name of Emergency Load. It is providing an Rs. 20 advance loan balance to its customer with extra charges of 5.3 plus tax. Now you can get Rs. 20 advance loan with a Telenor SIM card. This advance loan balance can be used on all prepaid services provided by the company. To get an advance emergency loan just dial *0# from your phone. After a while, you will receive Rs. 20 credits on your sim card with a confirmation message.

Follow these steps to get the Telenor emergency loan balance in a few moments. Let’s begin.

How to Get Telenor Emergency Loan balance?

  • Open your phone keypad and dial *03# and sned.
  • After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation message if you are eligible for a loan or not?
  • If you are eligible for an emergency loan of Rs. 20 then in a few seconds balance will be added automatically.
  • Please keep in mind that the emergency loan extra charges are Rs. 5.4 plus tax.
  • You can’t request another loan until you will recharge the balance on your sim card.
  • After recharging Rs. 20.4 will be deducted automatically in the return of the emergency loan.

Article Overview

I hope you know everything there is to know about the Advance Balance Code. For more information on Zong’s pre-loan balance or any other questions about Zong, Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone please call their helpline or comment below. I will try to answer your every question. Is this article useful for you? If so, please share it with your friends on social media. Thanks

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