Jazz Internet Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly List

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has named Jazz as the fastest and largest network in Pakistan. Despite the growing competition between internet packages and packages, you can now find a wide variety of jazz internet packages and offers, including daily, weekly, and monthly. Thought you could find the right package for Jazz Internet packages with all prices and updated resources. You can find all kinds of internet packages according to your needs. I update packages on a weekly basis to avoid any bad experiences while activating your package.

Jazz Paksiatni’s the largest leading digital telecom company for everyone. You can subscribe to daily, weekly, and also monthly internet packages at home. In Pakistan, there are 4 largest companies and they are providing the best internet packages and services. Jazz provides internet, SMS, and call packages at affordable prices for its customer. Warid all prepaid customers can also use Jazz packages codes for activating it on their number. Jazz internet service has been awarded as the fastest internet service in Pakistan by the Ookla company. Also, Jazz is the largest market share in the mobile telecom market in Pakistan. You can use prepaid mobile internet and a device like “Super 4G WiFi device” internet data through Jazz network.

Let’s talk about Jazz daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. So let’s start now.

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

Jazz is one of the best telecom companies that always care about its customer’s needs. Jazz also offers hourly internet packages for its, customers, to fulfill their needs. The Hourly bundle starts working after the activation. So, Before activating the hourly package think about it. But now I’m going to share with you two-hourly packages one is Super Ghanta and the second one is Student offer. Please check out the table below for more information in detail.

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If we look closely the Super Ghanta Offer is best for everyone. Who needs internet at least for one hour. Then you should try Super Ghanta Offer and it will charge about Rs. 9. The second bundle in the hourly package list is Jazz Student Offer. In this package, you can use unlimited Facebook for two hours and enjoy unlimited on-network minutes.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz always strives to introduce new daily packages to meet the needs of its customers. Jazz Daily Internet packages include free Mbs data and social media packages. All daily internet packages are valid for one day, ie 24 hours. Daily packs will automatically renew or expire at 12 noon each night. You can subscribe to the daily internet package according to your needs and duration. To subscribe to any package, a table of all the daily internet package codes is below by simply requesting a code from your SIM card.

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Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

If you are looking for Jazz monthly internet packages then you came to the right place. The Monthly packages are made for heavy internet users. Because Monthly packages provide a large volume of Mbs internet data. Through monthly internet resources, you can download songs, watch videos, read blogs, and also browse social media websites. The Monthly internet packages and offers are affordable and priceless. For any help-related packages, you can contact the Jazz customer care helpline. Check the list of packages, which are listed below for more information.

[table id=3 /]

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

If you are tired to subscribe daily packages again and again then I think you should try weekly internet packages. After subscribing to weekly internet packages you are free for 7 days. Enjoy internet browsing, watching videos, and social media websites for 7 days without any problem. Also, Weekly internet packages included a large number of Mbs to avoid disturbance. There are many weekly internet package benefits. You can use the internet to watch videos, read blogs, or browse social media websites at any time. Check all weekly internet packages listed below in the table.

[table id=2 /]

Use Free Facebook on Jazz SIM

Jazz users can enjoy free Facebook without having to subscribe to any internet package. Jazz users can switch between free and data versions with one click on Facebook’s homepage. There’s a toggle on top of the Facebook Home app to easily toggle data and free mode without having to subscribe to any package. In free mode, you can scroll through your timeline, comment, and send text posts, and you can even chat with friends. But in the free version, you have limited features like you can’t watch videos and photos. Facebook Free Mode is completely free and you don’t have to pay any fees.

More Information About Jazz Packages

  • All packages are listed here only for prepaid customers.
  • You can subscribe to all internet packages by simply dialing *77# or through call 777 helplines of Jazz customer care.
  • Suddenly you are package expired then you will be charged Rs. 2 + tax/MB automatically.
  • Only one internet package can be subscribed to at the same time.
  • To activate the new bundle will expire the old one and the activate new.
  • All internet packages automatically will be renewed.
  • The price of packages can be changed at any time by the company for that I’m not responsible.

How to check jazz internet data remaining resources?

Jazz all internet packages remaining MBs and resources can be checked by dialing *2# at the end of any package subscription code. For Example “Daily Super” package activation code is *212# and you want to check the remaining resources of this package. For that just dial the activation code and add *2# at the end of the subscription code. Like that; *212*2#. The last hash # is replaced by star * and added 2# at the end of the code. To check the remaining data every time you will be charged Rs. 0.06.

How to Contact Jazz Customer Care Helpline?

Jazz always care about its customer and provides 24/7 support via call. Jazz and Warid customer can contact the helpline by dialing 111. To contact Jazz customer care helpline from any network dial +92 111 300 300. Also, You can contact them via email just write the email and send it to; customercare@jazz.com.pk. Or visit Jazz’s official website to fill out complaints or contact forms for more information.

Conclusion of this Post

Today, I hope you have learned in detail about Jazz and its package. We also discussed Internet packages for Cloverly Jazz, daily, weekly, and monthly. Also, I’ve shared information to easily check the rest of the internet data resources. I wrote article about using Facebook for free on Jazz SIM. If you liked this article, share it with your family members on social media. Keep smiling thank you.

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