Jazz SMS Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages List

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Today I will tell you about several Jazz SMS packages. In this article, we will talk about Jazz’s prepaid SMS packages. Jazz is the best and largest telecom company in Pakistan with over 55 million subscribers. Jazz offers its valued customers amazing high-speed internet, calling, and text packages at affordable prices. Jazz does not claim to offer the cheapest rates but it does provide excellent service and speed. Jazz is always releasing new offers for texting, calling, and internet packages. Jazz offers three types of daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages.

Jazz is one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan for its unique SMS, calling, and internet packages. As we know, SMS is the best way to communicate with friends and family. SMS is the quietest and safest way to talk to someone and share your secrets. If you are sitting in a public place and cannot speak through voice calls. So the only way to talk to someone quietly is through SMS. All Jazz users can find multiple SMS packages to suit their needs. Below are all the packages in the table box provided by Jazz to its customers. I am sharing these packages with some brief information.

The various Jazz SMS packages fall under the following prepaid packages. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages List

Jazz Weekly SMS Bundle allows you to chat with your family or friends for up to a whole week without having to go through the signup process again and again. The prices of weekly SMS packages are very reasonable and reasonable. These packages are ideal for people who do not want to talk on calls and prefer text messaging in all situations. All weekly packages vary in size and price. You can check the table of SMS lists to find your favorite SMS packages that will meet your needs. These weekly packages are only for prepaid customers.

We all know, That Jazz always cares about its customers so for that reason Jazz launched Weekly SMS packages with different volumes and prices to fulfill your requirements. It is very important to tell you that Jazz has clearly mentioned the exact price amount for every SMS package. So you will not be charged extra. Now you can chat constantly with your friend circle. The Weekly SMS packages are very popular rather than other packages. Here is the table of Weekly SMS packages. Find your favorite SMS bundle and start enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

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Jazz Daily SMS Packages List

Sometimes, We don’t have sufficient balance in the account to get monthly or weekly SMS packages. So, Don’t worry you can go for daily SMS packages. Because you have no other choice besides to activate a daily SMS package. In this situation, Jazz daily SMS packages are very helpful. If you need a few SMS for a small duration then also you can subscribe to daily SMS packages. Some SMS packages include free internet Mbs and free minutes.

Jazz always introduces SMS packages at a reasonable price to fulfill customer requirements and needs. In daily SMS packages, messages can be sent to any other network in Pakistan. But these packages are not valid for international purposes. You can subscribe to any daily SMS package easily by just dialing a code from your SIM Card. If you want to use SMS occasionally and need an SMS package for a day. Then daily SMS packages are perfect for you to enjoy all day. To find your favorite packages then here is the list of Jazz daily SMS packages.

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Jazz Monthly SMS Packages List

In addition to Jazz’s daily and weekly SMS packages, Jazz also offers monthly packages that contain a large number of SMS. Jazz offers its customers amazing monthly SMS packages. Jazz Telecom has started offering monthly Jazz and Warid SMS packages which customers can send via SMS for 30 days. You can stay in touch and connect with friends and family without worrying about your package expiration date. You can subscribe to any monthly package by simply requesting a specific code from your phone.

[table id=32 /]

Here is the complete table of Jazz monthly SMS packages. You can Find out your favorite SMS plan.

How to Check Jazz Remaining SMS?

To check your Jazz Daily SMS packages remaining resources just dial *334# from your SIM card. Check the remaining resources of the weekly SMS package then dial *101*2&07# from your phone. But If you have a Monthly SMS package then dial *661*4#.

SMS Packages Terms and Conditions

  • The SMS packages we discussed above in the post are only valid for prepaid customers.
  • All daily SMS packages will be renewed automatically. If you have sufficient balance.
  • If you don’t have sufficient balance on your SIM card then packages will be expired after the duration ends.
  • All kinds of packages can be converted at any time but standard charges will be applied.
  • You can only avail of one package at the same time.

Jazz Super Cards Details

Now I will share all information related to the Jazz super card. Because it is related to our article. So, First of all, we’ll talk about the Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card.

Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card

In my opinion, this monthly super card offer is the most popular and most used by all Jazz users. But this super card caters to the customers for the whole month. Users no longer have to worry about their own resources of SMS, minutes, and internet data. With this super card, you’ll get 2,000 text messages, 2,000 on-net minutes, 150 minutes off-net, and 2GB of internet data for a month. Super Doper offer is available in Rs. 600 (tax included). To subscribe to this offer dial * 601 # from your Jazz SIM.

Jazz Super Duper Card Plus:

The Jazz Super Duper Card plus is also popular. Through this Super card, you will get 4000 SMS, 4000 on-net minutes, 200 off-net minutes, and 8 GBs of internet data in Rs. 977. But you need to recharge Rs. 1000 to get this SUper Duper plus card on your SIM Card. To subscribe to this offer dial *707# from your Jazz SIM card.

I tried my best to explain everything about Jazz SMS packages. I write everything about this article and I hope this article is helpful for you. If still have any questions in mind related to Jazz SMS packages then write a comment below. I’ll reply to all comments which will be related to Jazz SMS packages. Thanks

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