Telenor 4G Device Price And Packages (Wifi / Wingle)

Hello, Are you looking for Telenor 4G Internet Device price and its packages? If yes, then you are right place because I’ll share everything about Telenor Device price and its packages. In this post, you’ll learn about Telenor 4G Device price and its packages with complete details. As we know, Telenor is one of the largest and most popular cellular companies in Pakistan. To fulfill its customer requirement Telenor Launched 4G Internet Devices and its packages. With the help of these devices, you can enjoy the internet at a speed of 150 Mbps per second. First, let’s talk about Telenor Telecom company in brief.

Telenor Introduction

Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the international telecom companies with millions of subscribers in Pakistan. Telenor is one of the largest global telecom operators in the world with coverage in Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition, Telenor is a large telecom company that has been operating in Pakistan for many years. The craze for the internet is growing day by day. That’s why Telenor has introduced 4G internet devices at speeds of up to 150Mbps to provide high-quality internet.

Telenor also offers a variety of hardware packages to its customers. If you think the Telenor signal coverage is good where you live. Then you can switch to Telenor 4G devices. I will now share information about Telenor 4G Internet devices.

Types of Telenor 4G Internet Devices

Are you the type who always likes to surf the internet and videos on social media? And you want to be connected to the digital world more than the physical world? Than 4G devices are ideal for you as these devices give you 4G internet speeds of around 150Mbps. Best of all, you can connect up to 10 to 120 Wi-Fi devices at a time to enjoy with your friends and family. Telenor offers two types of devices, one with a built-in battery and the other without a battery. Let’s discuss the differences between these two devices.

Telenor 4G Internet Wifi Device

Telenor 4G Internet Wifi Devices is a more useable and powerful device in Pakistan. It’s because this device is rechargeable through USB. And we can carry it easily and use it anywhere and anytime in Pakistan. Telenor all 4G wifi Internet devices come with a built-in battery of 2300 MAH. The price of these devices is not confirmed but is almost Rs. 4000 without the package. You can buy this device from the Telenor franchise and retailer after biometric verification. Here is a more information list below about this device.

  • Insert SIM Card and press the On button to enjoy the internet
  • No Software and installation required
  • Telenor 4G Wifi Device comes with Buil-in battery of 2300 MAH
  • This device’s price is almost Rs. 4000 at retailers and franchises.
  • You can connect 10 to 12 Wifi Devices. (Like, Phone, TV, Laptop, PC, and more…)
  • This device is rechargeable through a USB
  • The speed of the internet on this device is 150 Mbps per second
  • Device Internet speed depends on your location where od you live

Telenor 4G Internet Wingle Device

Wingle Internet 4G devices from Telenor are amazing to work with and enjoy at home and office. Because this device allows you to connect 10 to 12 mobile or portable Wi-Fi devices at the same time. But this device needs electricity or is used through laptop or power bank. Because this device does not come with a built-in battery. You need to buy a power bank to use this device everywhere.

Telenor remarks that this device provides 150 Mbps internet speed per second. But keep in mind internet speeds matter in the area where you live. I’ll suggest you check your Telenor signal coverage in your area before buying the device. Right now the 4G internet Wingle Device price is Rs. 3300 at the Telenor franchise. For more information check the list below.

  • Telenor 4G Wingle Plug and play
  • Connect to SUB power or use it through a laptop
  • You can connect up to 10 wifi devices at the same time
  • Telenor 4G Wingle 4G, 3G and 2G Fall back option.
  • The only device price is almost Rs. 3300

Telenor 4G Device 3-Months Packages

Telenor offers one package for 3 Months duration. Now you can subscribe to 3 monthly packages for your 4G and 3G internet device. in this 3 months package, you will get 108 GB for Rs. 4000. Every month 36 GB of the internet can be used for 3 months. To subscribe to this offer dial *345*1005# from your device SIM card. After subscribing to any device bundle, The charges of packages can’t be refunded by Telenor. For more Information visit Telenor’s official website. Here is the table of 3 Months package below.

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Telenor 4G Monthly Internet Device Packages

Telenor offers 4G internet devices to provide high-speed internet to its customers. Since then, Telenor has offered its customers many 4G device packages for them to enjoy the internet at affordable rates. These devices provide uninterrupted 150Mbps internet speed. Telenor offers four types of monthly devices tailored to the needs of the user. All packages differ from each other based on prices and internet data.

If you are looking for long-term internet packages. Don’t worry, Telenor also offers 3-month and 6-month device packages. The company may change the price of the device and resource package at any time without notice. So contact the Telenor Help Center to verify the bundle price and supplier details before activating any device bundle. This is a complete table of packages below.

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What are the activation charges of Monthly Lite?

The Telenor 4G device monthly lite activation charges are Rs. 1500. to subscribe to this bundle dial *345*1001# from your Data SIM card.

What is the volume of the Telenor Monthly Smart Package?

The Telenor 4G Device Monthly Smart package gives you 185 GB of internet. And 100 GB internet can be used from 1 AM to 7 AM. To subscribe to this offer dial *345*1002# from your Data SIM card.

My Final Words

All the information about Telenor devices and their packages is mentioned in this article above. All the information in this article is up to date. You can share the relevant information with your friends and family who are looking for it. However, do you have any questions regarding your Telenor device or its package? Then comment below with your question. I will answer all the questions related to this article. Thanks

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