Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly List

Telenor offers its customers a wide range of SMS packages at affordable prices. Telenor Pakistan is owned by the Telenor Group, which provides telecom services in Scandinavia and Asia. Telenor now covers 44 million subscribers across Pakistan. Telenor employs about 1,900 people. Telenor is one of the largest and leading telecom operators in Pakistan. Telenor offers SMS packages to its customers at very low rates. It provides customers with prepaid and postpaid offers. Previously as we discussed Telenor internet packages you can read it too If you want to get information about Telenor Internet Packages. In this article, we will talk about Telenor SMS packages and their prices.

Telenor always strives to bring something to prepaid and postpaid customers. The company covers large rural areas of Pakistan and offers them affordable packages. I will talk about all the SMS packages offered by Telenor. Because of the 4G internet, everyone uses WhatsApp and Amu to chat, but there are some people who still use SMS to communicate with friends and family. But a few years ago, SMS packages were very popular in the telecom industry. Let’s take a look at the packages they offer to Telenor’s prepaid customers. We will briefly talk about daily, weekly, and monthly Telenor SMS packages.

Weekly SMS Packages

Some customers got tired to subscribe daily or 3 days bundles, again and again, I’ll suggest you try weekly SMS packages which give you 7 days of relaxation. All weekly packages give you freedom for 7 days to talk with your friends and family continuously. Below mentioned all packages are offered by Telenor we are just providing you these packages with details.

Sometimes we get frustrated with having re-activation of packages. Then you should try weekly SMS packages which give you 7 days duration. After subscribing to the weekly SMS package, you don’t need to take any action for at least 7 days.  Daily packages are cheaper but they will be expensive when you subscribe on daily basis. For chatters, Telenor brings unlimited SMS packages on weekly basis. Check the table below to find your favorite weekly bindle.

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3-Day SMS Packages

Telenor provides 3 days SMS bundles to fulfill its customer’s needs. If you need more duration of SMS package then 3 days is the second-best bundle for your needs. You can communicate with your friends and family continuously for 3 days. Telenor 3 days packages are available at affordable with a large amount of SMS. You can find detailed information about 3 days SMS packages about pricing and activation. If you think a daily SMS package is not enough then I’ll recommend try 3 days Telenor SMS packages. Check out all information in the table below.

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Daily SMS Packages

Daily SMS bundles are usually the best pick for customers because it’s more compatible with their needs. On Sunday or any other holiday, they want to chat with their friends and family. Such customers can pick daily SMS packages that are not only cost-effective and also provide a good amount of SMS. All daily SMS packages are valid for 24 hours.

Chat through SMS texting brings more privacy to our lives. If you sit in gatherings and want to text someone then SMS is the best way to talk to someone. Through SMS nobody can imagine what you are typing and which person you’re talking with. Anyone can’t interfere with your privacy. Telenor Pakistan brings different types of SMS packages at different hours of the day. If you are doing small business in any industry and you want to promote your business through SMS and surely these SMS bundles will help you.

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Monthly SMS Packages

Want something new and more special from Telenor? Happily, Telenor has introduced some new packages on a monthly basis for its customers who want to avoid subscribing to packages every day. All the mentioned monthly SMS packages give you rest for the whole month and you don’t have to worry about subscribing again and again. If you are looking for long-term SMS packages, then monthly packages are best for you. You can choose one of the preferred packages that suit you. All monthly packages are available in different sizes and price ranges.

If you are searching for Telenor SMS packages for 30 days then you are right place. The new Telenor monthly SMS bundle 10000 gives you 10,000 SMS with 1GB of WhatsApp internet. Here is the complete information about Telenor monthly SMS packages below.

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How to check Telenor number SMS history?

To get your Telenor SMS report then compose a message and write ‘sub’ and send it to 9595 or simply dial *345*959# from your Telenor SIM card.

How to subscribe to Telenor SMS Packages?

Dial *345# to subscribe to all Telenor SMS packages or simply call n 1700 for more information-related packages.

How to activate Telenor weekly SMS bundles?

All Telenor weekly packages are mentioned above in this post. scroll up to find your favorite weekly packages.

How can I check the Telenor SIM balance?

Dial *222# from your Telenor SIM card to check your remaining balance easily.

How to share  Telenor SIM balance with another user?

To share your Telenor SIM balance simply dial *1*1*923xxxxxxxx*amount# and press 1 to confirm your transaction. This service is called Telenor Smart Share. Let’s explain it to you with a unique example. For Example; if you want to send a balance of Rs. 50 balance to 03475484098, for that you need to dial 1*1*923475484098*50# and press 1 to confirm your transaction.

How to Check Telenor Remaining SMS?

To check Telenor remaining SMS simply dial *111# from your Telenor SIM card. Rs. 024 charges are applied every time.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Telenor can change price or volume at any time.
  • The Telenor company can deactivate any offer at anytime
  • All packages and offers prices include the taxes.
  • You can only subscribe one package at a time.
  • All packages SMS can be sent to any other network in Pakistan.
  • But the international SMS is not included in these packages.
  • If you are interested to use SMS for international then you need to subscribe to international SMS packages.
  • To subscribe other any other package, then your previous package will be deactivated automatically.

In this article, I tried to convey all the basic information through this article. I hope this article was useful and helpful for you while searching for SMS packages. If so, share this article with your friends and family who are looking for Telenor SMS packages. If you still have questions about this article, please comment below. I will try to answer. Thanks

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