Telenor Super Cards Price and Packages Details

About Telenor Pakistan

Telenor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Telenor Group. Telenor Pakistan is one of the most famous and largest cellular companies in Pakistan owned by Telenor Group. These are the international voice, data, and messaging services that are provided in nine global markets, which is why Telenor is one of the largest cellular companies in the world. Telenor started as a public company in 1855 but Telenor is the most famous company in Pakistan. In May 2004, Telenor obtained a GSM license to operate its services in Pakistan. Around 2005, a complete multimedia platform for cellular services was launched under the name Telenor Pakistan. Telenor Telecom has more than 47 million active subscribers in Pakistan. It is headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan, and employs more than 1,200 people.

Types of Weekly Telenor Super Cards

Telenor also focuses on providing low-cost packages to customers who are on a tight budget. If you don’t have the money to activate monthly packages or monthly Easy Cards, you should opt for Easy Weekly Cards. All weekly easy cards are available at the lowest and most affordable rates. Weekly EasyCard provides maximum resources at all levels such as SMS, voice minutes, and internet data. Now I am going to share with you some weekly easy card information details.

Telenor Weekly Mega Easy Card

Are interested to subscribe weekly Easy card then I’ll recommend you to subscribe Weekly Mega Easy Card. This offer gives you 10 Gb of internet data, 2000 On-network minutes, 70 off-net minutes, and 2000 SMS for all networks for Rs. 222 including tax. To subscribe to this Telenor Weekly Mega Easy Card dial *001# or activate it through Easypaisa and Telenor ap easily. Keep in mind this offer is only valid for prepaid customers. For more information about this offer check the table below.

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Telenor Weekly Mega Easy Card Plus

After introducing Weekly Mega Easy Card, Telenor also introduced Weekly Mega Easy Card plus for heavy internet users. You need extra resources in all-in-one packages then you can choose this offer. This weekly Super cad gives you 3G internet data, 1500 on-network minutes, 60 off-network minutes, and 1500 SMS for all networks in Rs. 175 including tax and dial *175# to subscribe to this offer on your prepaid SIM card.

Types of Monthly Telenor Super Cards

All supercards are basically all-in-one deals, which means that each supercard gives you voice, text and internet resources. So you don’t have to subscribe to multiple packages. Looking for an all-in-one package. Then you have to check the super cards and find your favorite card. After enabling the SuperCard offer, you can enjoy voice and internet data without stress for a whole month or a week. Telenor offers many supercards with different durations and resources to suit the needs of the user.

Every telecom company is trying to get the attention of the customers by offering new and cheaper packages. Telenor always strives to provide its customers with attractive and affordable offers. First of all, I will explain the details of the monthly super card with prices and activation codes. Monthly packages are widely activated by the users of each telecom network. Telenor offers two supercards per month with maximum resources. Let’s start with Telenor’s monthly supercards.

Telenor Monthly Easy Card 600

The second card offered by Telenor for its customer is Monthly Easy Card 600. In this bundle, you will get 12 GB of internet data, 3000 on-network minutes, 150 off-network minutes, 25 international minutes (for the USA, Canada, and the UK), and 3000 SMS for all networks. But 6GB is only useable from 1 AM to 11 AM. The subscription charges are Rs. 530 including tax and dial *530# from your Telenor SIM card. To recharge your SIM card visit any nearest mobile shop or franchise. You can activate this offer through My Telenor App too. For more information about this offer check the table below.

[table id=65 /]

Telenor Monthly Easy Card 450

The Telenor Monthly Easy Card 450 is best for lite users who need a small number of resources for a month. This Easy Card offers 3 GB of internet (3G for WhatsApp), 500 on-network minutes, 50 off-network minutes, and 500 SMS. The activation charges are 400 plus and dial *350# to Subscribe to this offer or use Easypaisa, or JazzCash to subscribe to this offer. Check out the table below for more information related to this Easy Card.

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Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800

Telenor Monthly Easy card 80 is the best package for those customers who are heavy internet and voice user. This is why because this Easy Card gives you 18 GB of internet data, five thousand on-network minutes, three hundred off-network minutes, and five hundred SMS for all networks. But 9 GB is only useable from 1 AM to 11 AM. The subscription charges are Rs. 715 including tax and dial *80 to subscribe to this offer. This offer is valid for 30 days the duration will be started after activation. You can subscribe to this offer through Easypaisa and JazzCash app too.

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Terms and Conditions

Read these terms and conditions before activating any Telenor Super or Easy card offer. For more information contact to Telenor Team.

  • After successful activation of packages, the customer cannot reimburse the amount.
  • Telenor prepaid customers only can avail of these offers,
  • No charges are required for call setup.
  • After packages expire offer duration then the customer will be charged for all services.
  • The packages can’t be renewed once it expires.
  • All super cards can be subscribed many times within validity.
  • Customers can check their balance by dialing *123#.
  • Offers prices are subject to change at any time by Telenor Company.
  • All offer duration will be started after activation and it won’t be extended.

How to Check Remaining Internet MBs Resources?

To check Internet Mbs remaining resources then dial *999# from your Telenor SIM card. You can check your Telenor remaining resources for free at anytime

How do I check the rest of the call minutes?

Users are always ready to check the rest of the resources and their current history. But you don’t have to worry about checking the remaining call minutes, dial * 222 # from your prepaid SIM card.

My Final Words

This article was about Telenor Super and EasyCard offerings. I hope this article will help you find your favorite offer according to your needs. To find out more, share this article with your friends and family who are looking for the best Telenor deals for you. Still have a question? Then write a comment below and you can ask your question. If your question is related to this article, I will definitely answer your question with a brief explanation. Thanks

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