Ufone and Jazz New (Nayi) SIM Offer Details and Codes

Ufone New (Nayi) SIM Offer

Ufone offers its new users 4GB of internet data, including 1GB for WhatsApp, 1GB for Facebook, and 1,000 minutes on the net for a week. Not only that, but you can also enjoy more internet data and calling minutes after this offer. A free incentive is also available for users who switch their network to Ufone. You will get a free credit of Rs. 50 after migrating to the Ufone network. After switching your network to Ufone, dial * 141 #.

If you buy a new SIM card from Ufone, you will be able to get 4 GB of internet data and 1000 minutes on the network for 7 days. For this offer, you do not need to recharge your SIM card. Below is a table of raw information about this offer.

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Ufone New SIM Offer on Recharge Rs. 100

When someone buys a new Ufone SIM card and recharges Rs. 100. Then he will get 5GB of internet data, 1000 on-network minutes, 30 off-network minutes, and 1000 SMS for 7 days without deducting any balance. This offer is totally free of cost, just you need to recharge Rs. 100 after buying New Ufone SIM. Check out the table below, For more information about this offer.

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Ufone New SIM Offer On Recharge Rs. 75

after buying Ufone new SIM card, you can get more awards and bonuses from Ufone. But you have followed some steps to get free resources. If you recharge Rs. 75 in your New Ufone SIm, you’ll get 3GB of free internet data, 500 on-network minutes, 20 off-network minutes, and 500 SMS for 7 days. Just you need a recharge of Rs. 75 on your SIM. But nothing will be deducted from your SIM. This offer is totally for free, If someone buys a new Ufone Sim and recharge of Rs. 75.

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How to Check to Ufone SIM Remaining Resources?

To check the remaining resources of your Ufone SIM card like call minutes, SMS, and internet MBs. Dial *706# from your Ufone SIM, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS in a few seconds.

How to activate New Ufone SIM Offer For Free?

After buying a new Ufone SIM card, Dial *1000# from your phone. Then a few seconds later, you’ll get a confirmation SMS from Ufone.

Where I Can Get Ufone New SIM Card?

You can buy a Ufone New SIM card easily, By visiting the nearest Ufone franchise or retailer with your original ID Card. Without an ID Card, you can’t buy New SIM Card.

Ufone Terms and Conditions

  • Only Ufone New SIM card customers can avail of these offers
  • These Offers are available for a limited time. The company can change or deactivate these offers at any time.
  • After activating these offers you’ll be charged Rs. 0.12 every call.
  • The offers of Rs. 75 and Rs. 100 can be subscribed many times for 3 months.
  • Free SMS can be used for all networks in Pakistan.
  • To get Ufone New SIM Offer Dial *1000# from your Ufone SIM.
  • These offers are only valid for prepaid customers.

Jazz New (Nayi) SIM Offer

Jazz is one of the largest telecom operators in Pakistan with over 71 million subscribers. Jazz is trying to attract new customers, which is why Jazz, like other networks, has introduced a new SIM offer for its prepaid customers. Jazz offers its new customers many benefits and free resources. Let’s talk in detail about Jazz’s new SIM offer.

New Jazz subscribers who purchase a new Jazz SIM can enjoy this offer and get 1500 minutes on the network, 1500 text messages on all networks, and 1500MB of internet. To subscribe to this offer for free dial * 989 # from the new Jazz SIM. This new SIM card offer is only suitable for Jazz’s new prepaid customers. To take advantage of this offer, dial * 989 # and enjoy the free resources.

Get a new Jazz SIM now and subscribe to this offer for free. You can order a new SIM through Jazz’s official website or visit your nearest franchise. In addition, you can take advantage of this offer by converting SIMs of other networks to jazz networks. But the process will take 24 hours to transform into a jazz network. Below is the table of new SIM offers to check.

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  • For extra resources dial *191# from your New SIM and get 700 Jazz minutes, 700 SMS, and 700 NBs for free.
  • This offer will be valid for 7 days
  • Free minutes can’t be used from 6 PM to 10 PM.
  • Free Internet MBs are not useable from 9 PM to 1 AM.

What is the Jazz Customer care helpline number?

Jazz provides supports its customers 24/7 via voice call. For any question or complaint, you can contact the Jazz Supports =team by dialing 111. Or dial 021-111-300-300 from another network SIM card to call the Jazz Customer care helpline.

How to Subscribe to Jazz’s New SIM Offer?

To subscribe to Jazz New SIM Offer dial a code *989#. The offer subscription charges are Rs. 0.06 including tax. After dialing this code, You will receive a confirmation SMS from the Jazz network. You will be charged Rs. 0.10 plus tax on every call.

How to Check Jazz Remaining Resources?

You can check your remaining resources like minutes, SMS, and Internet MBs just by dialing *989*2# from your Jazz SIM card. Also, You can check your remaining data on Jazz World App.

How Can I convert My SIM into Jazz Network?

Follow these steps to convert your SIM card into Jazz Network.

  • Step 1: Go to Messages and compose a new message.
  • Step 2: and type MNP and send it to 667
  • Step 3: You will get a reply asking for your name and ID card number.
  • Step 4: Write your name and ID card number and send it to 76300.
  • Step 5: If this method does not work for you? then visit Jazz’s nearest franchise with an original ID Card.
  • Step 6: THen place a request to change your network into Jazz.

That’s all, Your SIM network will be changed in 24 hours.

My Last Words

Simply put, this article was about the new SIM cards Ufone and Jazz. I hope this article has helped you to subscribe to Ufone and Jazz’s new SIM card offer. If so, share these articles on social media with your friends who are looking for new SIM offers. Please comment below to provide your suggestions and feedback. Thanks

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