Ufone Call Minutes Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Ufone, like PTCL, is the largest and most rated telecom operator in Pakistan. The company started its services through PTCL around 2001. Ufone has a large subscriber base of over 24 million. Ufone always offers interesting deals and offers to its prepaid customers. In this article, we are going to talk about daily, weekly, and monthly Ufone calling packages. With these packages, you will get not only Ufone minutes but also other network minutes. In Ufone call packages, you will also find U2U minutes in one package and minutes of calls on other networks.

Nowadays to stay connected with your friends and family calls and messages are basic needs. In Pakistan, almost fie companies are providing telecom services with different prices and volumes. Every company is trying to fulfill its customer requirements and need with new offers and packages at affordable price. Let’s start with the Ufone call packages list which is Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and monthly, Ufone to Ufone call bundles, and Ufone to other network call packages. All packages are different from each other by pricing, duration, and volumes. Everything I explained about Ufone call packages which you should know about it. Let’s start the article with Ufone hourly call packages. If you don’t know how to find your SIM card number then read this article.

Ufone Hourly Prepaid Call Packages

Ufone always observes their customer what they are demanding?. That’s why Ufone launched hourly call packages for its customers. Now you can find your favorite hourly package and activate it easily. Also, If you have a low balance for other packages, you can go for hourly packages because it’s available at a cheap and affordable price. All hourly packages are valid for only one hour to 3 hours. Before activating please check the details about the hourly packages. After activation of your hourly package, Your hourly package duration starts right away. Here is a table of hourly packages please checkout for more information in detail.

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Ufone provides two types of hourly packages one is Power hours and the second name is “3 pe 3 Package”. The Power Hour package gives you On-Net 60 minutes, 60 SMS, and 60 MBs of internet data for browsing. This package is only valid for 60 minutes with charges of Rs. 17.7 plus tax. TO subscribe to this bundle simply dial *99# from your Ufone SIM card.

The second bundle name is 3-PE-3. This bundle gives you 120 minutes with charges of Rs. 6 plus tax. Keep in mind, that this offer is only valid for 2 hours after activation. To activate this bundle just open your keypad and dial *343# and run this USSD code. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Ufone.

Ufone Weekly Prepaid Call Packages

Here you will find details of the latest Ufone weekly call package rates, duration, and resources. Are you worried about activating the package on a daily or hourly basis and are tired of it? Then I would recommend trying out weekly call packages, with which you will not have to re-activate for at least 7 days. The company may remove or modify some packages, so please contact the helpline to avoid any problems. The packages mentioned below are for Ufone prepaid customers only. Discover the amazing weekly calling packages offered by Ufone, see the table below.

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Ufone 3-Days Prepaid Call Package

Ufone always looks at its customer requirements. That’s why Ufone offers a 3-day calling package with a charge of 30 rupees. This offer will be valid for 3 days and its duration can’t be extended. This offer will give you 300 On-Net minutes, 30 MBs of internet data, and 300 SMS for all networks. The activation of this package is very simple. Just dial *5353# from your Ufone SIM and you will receive a confirmation message related to this package.

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Ufone Daily Prepaid Call Packages

Ufone daily packages are only valid for 24 hours. After activating daily call packages your 24 hours duration starts right away. Then you can not extend the duration of packages. First, think about your time schedule and adjustment of your time before activating any package. Ufone has more multiple daily call packages with different prices and duration times that users can find according to their needs. Some packages provide only Ufone network minutes and some U2U and other network minutes too. For detailed information related to package volume, duration and activation please check the table below.

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Ufone Monthly Prepaid Call Packages

Ufone’s monthly calling packages make it easy for you throughout the month. All Ufone call packages are different from other incentives. These packages will give you one month to use the calls. If you are tired of subscribing to packages over and over again, try the monthly packages. After subscribing to the monthly package, there is no need to subscribe to any other package, as the monthly packages provide you with a lot of resources that meet your needs. The prices and sizes of these monthly packages may vary but the duration will be the same for all monthly packages, which is 30 days. Find the monthly package schedule below that matches your needs.

[table id=8 /]

Terms and Conditions

  • After expiring duration or resource you will be charged regular charges.
  • All these packages in this article, are only valid for Ufone prepaid customers.
  • For regional taxes and call setups charges please visit Ufone’s Official website.
  • Every call duration maximum should be 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • All package prices can be changed at any time or modified without notice by the company.
  • still, have any questions? please contact Ufone helpline customer care 24/7.


I tried to back up all the information about Ufone call packages. However, if you have any questions regarding call packages, please comment below. I will answer your questions or suggestions as soon as possible. When will it be possible for me to do so? If this article helps you find your favorite packages, share it with your friends and family. I will update this article regularly when I receive an update from the company. nice day. Thanks

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