Zong 4G Internet Device Packages and MBB Plans Details

CMPAK Limited operates the telecom business on behalf of Zong. Zong is Pakistan’s largest and most popular telecom brand with millions of subscribers. Zong provides voice and data services in Pakistan and is owned by China Mobile. Zong is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile and began its services in 2008 with a license to operate from Millicom. Zong has been testing 5G speeds since August 2019.

In this article, we are going to talk about Zong’s hardware packages, resources, and subscription codes. If you have a Zong device and you are looking for device packages. Then this article will help you find your favorite package. In addition, I will share information about Zong 4G Bolt and Bolt Plus with prices and differences. At the end of this article, I will answer all the frequently asked questions. My name is Kamran and let’s talk about Zong hardware packages.

Types of Zong 4G Data Devices

There are three types of Zong MBB devices that are available on all Zong franchises all over Pakistan. We will talk about it in detail in a few minutes. Zong 4G devices provide high-speed internet connection up to 150Mbps per second. The best thing about Zong devices because some devices are rechargeable and we can use them easily anywhere at any time.

Zong 4G Device Bolt Plus

This 4G device is very useful in everyday routine. Because this device is rechargeable and can be used anywhere in Pakistan without electricity. This device comes with a built-in battery so you don’t have to worry about electricity. Zong Bolt Plus supports 8 to 12 devices at a time. This means we can connect 8 to 12 mobile phones or laptops at the same time to surf the internet. The Zong 4G Bolt Plus is priced at around Rs. 4000 per franchise. Here are some great benefits of this device.

  • Speed 150Mbps per second
  • 8 hours of battery timing
  • Press the On button and start browsing the internet. No need to install software
  • 8 to 12 users can use wifi at the same same
  • This device comes with 1 years warranty

Zong 4G Bolt (Wingle) Device

Zong 4G Bolt device is not rechargeable you have to provide electricity or use it via USB with a computer or laptop. You can connect 10 wifi devices at the same time. To buy this device you need to visit the Zong franchise or retailer shop. Right now this device’s price is almost Rs. 3300 at franchises. All features are the same as we discussed in Bolt Plus. But This device is not rechargeable like Bolt Plus.

Zong 4G Internet Device Packages

Zong always takes care of its customers and offers new packages to meet their needs of the customers. So far, Zong has provided various packages to its customers in Pakistan, and all the packages satisfy the customers at affordable prices. Zong offered a variety of tools and packages. Some of the names of 4G devices are Zong Bolt, MBB, MBB Plus, and many more. But keep in mind that all Zong 4G device packages are the same. Below is a list of 4G device packages with pricing and activation codes.

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Check out the above-mentioned table packages list to find your favorite bundle for your Zong 4G device. In this table, four monthly packages are different by resource and prices but the duration is the same. Monthly package 1 gives you 30 Gb of internet data at Rs. 1500 to browse any app and website. The second package 2 gives you 50Gb internet data at Rs. 2000 to browse anything. The package 3 150 GB internet data in Rs. 2500. But 75Gb is useable from 4 AM to 4 PM. For more package details please check the table of packages listed above.


Is there any Warranty for Zong 4G Bolt plus and Bolt devices?

Yes, All Zong 4G devices come with a 1-year warranty. If you want t claim a warranty then call 310 from your Zong SIM or 9951 from your other network.

How Can I check Zong 4G Device remaining internet data?

Zong always sends SMS alerts to its customers on the usage of device internet data. You will receive an SMS after usage of 25%, 50%, 80%, and 100% of your internet.

How to Recharge Zong 4G Device?

You can recharge your Zong 4G device through Jazz, Easypaisa, Miniload, Online Recharge, Retailer, and branch. For more information call the customer care helpline.

Which Zong Device is best for me?

Zong all devices are 4G supported and available at affordable prices. But If you are looking for a rechargeable device then you must go for Zong 4G Bolt plus. Or If you are searching for plug and play USB-supported device then you should go for Zong 4G Bolt (Wingle).

What is price of the Zong Device?

Zong all device prices are different from each other. But Zong 4G Bolt plus price is Rs.3600 to 4000 depending on your city branch. But the price of Zong 4G Bolt 9wingles) USB price is almost Rs. 3300. These prices can be changed by the company at any time.

Can I use Zong SIM in a Bolt 4G Device?

The statement of Zong about 4G devices you can’t use any sim card in Zong 4G devices. You have to use the original Data SIM card in Zong Bolt and MBB devices. Also, keep in mind you can’t use data SIM on your smartphones.

How to activate my Zong 4G Devices?

To activate your Zong MBB and Bolt 4G device you need to subscribe to any bundle to start using the internet. Without the internet, you can’t activate and use your Zong 4G device.

Can I send and Receive SMS through Zong 4G Device?

The answer is yes, you can send and receive SMS through your Zong 4G device. First, connect your Zong 4G to your laptop or connect it via Wi-Fi. Then log in to your Zong 4G device admin panel to send and receive instant SMS.

I tried to explain everything about Zong 4G devices with prices and activation codes. However, do you have any questions regarding Zong 4G devices? Then comment below and I will try to answer all the questions regarding Zong 4G devices. Thanks

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