Zong and Jazz Network All WhatsApp Packages List

Hello friends, in this article we are going to talk in detail about prepaid Zong and Jazz WhatsApp packages. After reading this article, you will be able to subscribe and subscribe to Zong and Jazz WhatsApp packages. I will not compare these networks. In this post, I will only share all the WhatsApp packages offered by these two companies. First, let’s talk about Zong prepaid WhatsApp packages.

Zong Prepaid WhatsApp Packages

You are a Zong Telecom customer and looking for prepaid WhatsApp packages to chat with your friends and family? If your answer is yes, then you are in right place to find WhatsApp packages. In this article, we are talking about Zong all WhatsApp packages with activation codes and prices. Due to the rise in the use of social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, Zong introduced WhatsApp and Facebook packages to its customers. As we all know, Zong is the largest 4G network in Pakistan with over a million users. These WhatsApp packages are specially made for WhatsApp users by not to waste money on other packages If they use only social media apps.

After activating social media packages, you don’t have to waste your money on other packages that you are not using. As we know, social media is very important to stay in touch with the world and friends. Then this is possible only if you have an internet connection. So why did you go for expensive packages when Zong offered cheap social packages. Zong offers three types of WhatsApp packages daily, weekly, and monthly. First, let’s talk about Zong’s daily WhatsApp packages.

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Do you use social media applications on a daily basis? Then you should go to Zong’s weekly WhatsApp packages. Because these packages give you a lot of data to use social media apps and websites. And you don’t have to worry about packages expiring. All of Zong’s weekly WhatsApp packages give you 7 days of convenience. You can use the weekly WhatsApp packages anytime within 7 days without any hassle.

I think these weekly WhatsApp packages are enough for your entire week to use WhatsApp. Here are some weekly WhatsApp packages for you to find your favorite one.

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Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages

For me, To subscribe to a monthly package is great. Because I don’t have to subscribe package again and again for a month. Also, Monthly packages give me a large number of data to use social media apps and websites. Some Monthly WhatsApp, packages give you voice and SMS resources too. If you are using Whatsapp on daily basis and every time to stay connected with your friends. Then I’ll recommend you to subscribe to monthly packages.

Here is the table of the top Zong Monthly WhatsApp packages list.

[table id=46 /]

Zong Daily WhatsApp Packages

Sometimes we don’t have sufficient balance to subscribe to weekly or monthly packages. But we have one option which is daily social packages. That’s why Zong introduced daily WhatsApp packages to its valuable customers. Also, Some users want to use social media handles for a while then these packages are perfect for them. All daily packages are available at a low cost and are valid for 24 hours. Don’t forget to deactivate daily packages before 24 hours because they will be renewed automatically and your balance will be deducted.  Here are some daily packages offered by Zong 4G.

[table id=44 /]

Jazz Prepaid WhatsApp Packages

Jazz always takes care of its customers by providing packages and offers at affordable prices. That’s why Jazz has launched WhatsApp packages to meet the needs of its users so that they can enjoy social media applications without wasting money on other packages. As we know, social media fans have not used other websites and apps. So they only need internet data to use social media sites and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. That’s why social packages help save money. Because social packages can only be sued for browsing social media apps and websites.

Now in this post, we are going to talk about Jazz SIM card WhatsApp packages in detail. I’ll share all types of WhatsApp packages that are provided by the Jazz Telecom company. Jazz also offers different types of social packages. But we are going to talk about daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp bundles. Because these three duration packages are commonly used by most users.If you are searching for Jazz WhatsApp packages. Then these packages will help you a lot to find your favorite packages. First of all, we will discuss Jazz Daily WhatsApp packages.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Daily Jazz WhatsApp packages are valid for 1 day with a few Mbs for internet and SMS. These packages are great if you have a lot of credit or need an MB for a few hours on social media. Then you can go to Jazz Daily WhatsApp packages. Jazz offers several WhatsApp packages daily, but I’ll add about three of them.

The first Jazz Whatsapp bundle name is Daily Offer. WHich will cost you Rs. 2 and give you 200 Mbs internet data for a day. To subscribe to this bundle simply dial *311# from your Jazz SIM card. The Second bundle name is Daily WhatsApp and SMS will cost you Rs. 7.2 included tac and give you 10MB for WhatsApp and 1800 SMS for a day. To subscribe to this bundle dial *334# from your phone. The third bundle is Daily Social which will cost you Rs. 8 including tax and you will get 500 MBs of inter-data for Facebook and WhatsApp. To subscribe to this bundle dial *455# from your Jazz SIM.

[table id=47 /]

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp packages are cheaper than daily and weekly packages. Also, Monthly packages give a large number of MBs and don’t need to subscribe again and again. If you can afford monthly packages then should go for it. Then you can enjoy WhatsApp calls, Messages, and other social media apps tension-free for an entire month. Some monthly packages are specially for WhatsApp and some packages offer to browse Facebook, Imo, and Twitter too.

Jazz Offers WhatsApp Monthly Package with the price of Rs. 99 including tac and you will get 5GB of data to use WhatsApp, Imo, and Facebook. and Also this package gives you 12000 SMS for a month. TO subscribe to this bundle dial *101*1*02# from Jazz SIM. Here is the table of the WhatsApp Monthly Package.

[table id=49 /]

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz 4G also provides weekly WhatsApp packages for its customers to stay connected. There are multiple Social packages offered by Jazz Telecom. But we will discuss some of them.  The best thing about weekly packages gives you long-term duration and a large amount of internet data. Are you tired of subscribing to daily packages again and again? Then you should move to Jazz weekly WhatsApp packages. Here is the table of Jazz Weekly WhatsApp packages with activation codes and prices.

[table id=48 /]

Final Words

Hope you found this article Zong and Jazz WhatsApp Pack useful. If you still have questions regarding WhatsApp packages, please comment below. I will answer all your questions related to this article Zong and Jazz WhatsApp packages. Thanks

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