Zong Call Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly Details

The top four telecom networks operate in Pakistan and are known for their excellent services. All telecom companies offer call packages to their customers. But today we are going to talk about Zong Call packages, duration, size, and activation codes. Zong provides call packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to provide the best service. All these different call-minute packages give customers the option to meet their calling needs. So, don’t worry, Sekhnaa always comes up with new solutions and new offers for its readers. In this article, you will read about daily, weekly, and monthly call packages.

Details of all Zong call packages will be provided here. Zong always offers affordable packages to its customers. You can check out all of Zong’s calling packages below to find your favorite packages that match your needs. Zong Company’s packages include lists of all types of packages such as Zong Daily and weekly packages and monthly call minutes. The calling packages and offers below are only suitable for Zong prepaid customers. The Company reserves the right to modify or change anything in the package and resource details. Therefore, I recommend that you confirm any package or offer through the helpline before purchasing it.

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Zong has always strived to meet the needs of customers by providing the best services. Zong offers all weekly packages with reasonable prices and a good lead time. Some users are not interested in activating daily packages. Because they don’t want to sign up every day. But weekly packages give you 7 days of stress-free internet. You do not need to subscribe on a daily basis. Also, if you need a large number of megabytes of data on the Internet, this package is perfect for you. Below is a table of packages.

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We all know that the duration of the weekly packages is based on 7 days. You can enjoy all call packages for a week without subscribing again and again. The first bundle on the top of the table is the “Shandaar Haftwar Offer”. This offer will give you 500 On-Network minutes, 40 Off-Network minutes, 500 SMS, and 500 MBs to browser anything on the internet. The charges for this bundle are Rs. 120 plus tax. As we talked about before the price can be modified or changed anytime by the company.

The second packages name in the list of Zong Weekly call packages is an All-in-one weekly offer. By subscribing to this offer you can avail of unlimited on-network minutes, 40 Off-network minutes, unlimited SMS, and 3GB of data to browser all websites and apps. The charges of this package are Rs. 200 plus tax and activation is very simple. Dial *6464# and run this USSD code after a while menu will pop. then enter 4 and send again USSD code after that enter 1 and again a new menu popped then enter 1. That’s all, after this, you will receive an SMS related to your package activation. Please check the table of list packages for more information.

Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong offers its customers many packages daily. To subscribe to incredible calling packages tailored to your needs, find the packages below. All daily packages and offers vary in price, duration, and volume. Therefore, the choice depends entirely on which package you want to subscribe to. So first find your favorite package and then check the duration and price. As you know, all daily packages are valid for 24 hours only. This means that after 24 hours your daily package will be automatically deactivated. The list of calling packages is given below.

[table id=10 /]

In the daily call packages list first package name is “Hello 1 Din Offer”. This offer gives you 150 on-network minutes, 150 SMS, and 500 MB’s internet data for browsing. This offer is only valid for one day and the charges are Rs. 13 plus tax. To activate this bundle opens your keypad and dial *2200*1#. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation SMS related to this package.

The second bundle name is Zong Daily Flutter Offer. Through this offer, you will get 120 on-Network minutes, 50 MBs, and 1200 SMS. The Daily Flutter package duration is one day and charges are Rs. 12 plus tax. For activation please dial *369# from your Zong SIM Card. Keep in mind the minimum balance should be 13 rupees when activating this offer.

Let’s have looked at the third bundle which name is the Daily Full Gup offer. The activation charge is Rs. 5 plus tax and you will get 75 On-Network minutes, 100 SMS, and 30 MBs of internet data for a day. The process of activation is very simple. Go to your phone keypad and dial *118*1# and run this USSD code on your Zong SIM Card. For other packages, and information please check out the table of the list.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Looking for monthly calling packages, right? You are in the right place to find your favorite monthly package. We all know that it is very important to call in an emergency these days, call your friends and family with Zong’s monthly packages. If you subscribe to our monthly calling packages, you don’t have to worry about calls for at least 30 days. You can use your call minutes anytime and anywhere in Pakistan. Fees and monthly or other resources can be changed or changed at any time by Zong. Therefore, before activating, verify by calling your customer service helpline. Check out our 30-day calling packages below to find your favorite package.

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The Zong customers who are looking for monthly best call packages then I’ll recommend you to check out the Supreme Offer. This offer will cost Rs. 850 plus tax. After activating this offer you will get 5000 on-network minutes, 300 off-network minutes, 500 SMS, and 12GB of data to browse all websites and apps on the internet. Dial *3030# from your Zong SIM card then a few moments later you will receive a message related to your package. To check out more and more monthly call packages then look out the packages table of the list.

Terms and Conditions Applied

  • The call packages will expire automatically by Zong 4G. You need to un-subscribe them.
  • If you have a sufficient balance on your SIM Card then some packages will be renewed automatically.
  • The standard charges may apply while converting your package to another one.
  • The above-all call packages are only valid for Zong prepaid customers.
  • The setup of call charges will be applicable of Rs. 0.15 on every call you will do.
  • The Zong 4G has the right to change package terms and conditions at any time.

Still, have any questions related to terms and conditions and you want to ask a question? Then please contact to customer care helpline. They will explain everything in detail. The Zong 4G customer care helpline number is 310. Dial this number from your Zong sim number or dial 051-111-222-111 from another network’s Sim Card.

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After reading this article, I hope you have found your favorite package. I have explained everything in detail about Zong Call Minutes packages. After reading this article, you can subscribe to calling packages. This article is useful for you, isn’t it? Then please share it with your friends who are looking for the best calling packages. For any questions regarding Zong Call packages, please comment below. I will answer your questions regarding Zong’s call as soon as possible. Enjoy. Thanks

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