Zong SIM Super Cards Price and Packages Details

About Zong Company

China Mobile Pakistan Company is a hundred percent owned by China Mobile Communication Corporation. China Mobile came through a license from Millicom to operate a network in Pakistan and also it get approved by PTA. China Mobile Pakistan (CMPAK) is doing business with the name of Zong 4G licensed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Zong is a Pakistan-based Telecom company that is fully owned by China Mobile. Zong started its services in 2008 and became one of the most popular cellular companies in a short time. Zong is the third biggest Telecom company in Pakistan with over 41 million customers. All Zong customers can use Google Map for free and without any data. Just open the Google Map website or use Google Map App and enjoy.

Every telecom company is trying to win the hearts of its customers by offering cheap and affordable packages. Zong also offers a variety of SMS, calling, and internet packages to its valued customers. Zong helps its customers stay in touch with their loved ones by providing cheap packages. In this post, I am going to share with you many super cards that will give you more convenience in your life with a minutes bundle, SMS, and MB for the internet.

Types of Zong Sim Super

Zong provided super card deals to its customers at affordable prices in 2018. Basically, Zong Super Cards enable you to enjoy on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS, and internet data in just one super card. In this post, I will briefly explain how to activate SuperCards and their prices. All the super cards that I will share with you in this article are all the premium cards offered by the official Zong company. If you have any problems or questions while activating your SuperCard, call 310 and contact the Zong Help Center.

Zong has introduced a wonderful offer of super cards for its customers. Zong, like other telecom operators, is offering a month-long Superman. First, let’s talk about the monthly super card. Then I’ll share a weekly All-in-One Offers for you. With this in mind, the cost of packages and their resources can be changed at any time through Zong Telecom. For more information on packages, call Zong’s Customer Service Helpline or visit Zong’s official website for a live chat.

Zong Super card Recharge 650

If you are searching for an amazing all-in-one package then this offer is perfect for you. Zong Super card Recharge 650 is very popular due to its charges and resources. In this offer you will get 2500 On-network minutes, 150 Off-network minutes, 2500 SMS for all networks, 2.5 GB of internet MBs and 1GB for Youtube. This offers is valid for 30 days to subscribe to this offer dial *50# from your Zong Sim card. The charges for this offer are Rs. 650. For more information related to this offer check out the table below.

[table id=59 /]

Zong Supreme Plus Offer

Zong Supreme is a very useful all-in-one offer. Are searching for an all-in-one offer then you can subscribe to this offer? The charges for this offer are Rs. 1732 and give you 10,000 on-network minutes, 600 off-network minutes, 10,000 SMS, and 10,000 Internet MBs. This offer is also valid for 30 days and to subscribe to this offer dial *1500#. For more information related to this offer check out the table below.

[table id=60 /]

Zong Shandar Mahan Offer

Shandar Mahan’s offer is perfect for those customers who are not heavy internet users. That’s because this package gives you 1000 on-network minutes, 100 off-network minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1000 Internet MBs for a month. To subscribe to this offer dial *1000# and Rs. 300 plus recharge required. For more information contact Zong helpline.

[table id=62 /]

Zong Haftawar Load Offer

Some users don’t like monthly and daily packages but they want s subscribe to weekly all-in-one offers for those users this package is perfect. Zong Haftawar is an all-in-one prepaid offer. To subscribe to this offer dial *70# and a Rs. 250 recharge or balance is required. This package provides you with 5000 on-network minutes, 80 off-network minutes, 5000 SMS for all networks, and 5000 Internet MBs. This is valid for 7 days after activation. For more information related to this offer check out the table below.

[table id=63 /]

Zong’s Supreme Offer

Zong’s superior offer gives you free access to WhatsApp and 2G internet data to watch YouTube videos compared to the Supreme Plus. After activating this offer, you will get 5000 minutes on the network, 300 minutes on the network, 5000 text messages, and 5000 MB of internet data to browse anything. To subscribe to this offer dial * 3030 # and Rs. 1000 recharges are required. For more information on this offer, see the table below.

[table id=61 /]

How Can I check the Remaining Status of the Super Card Offer?

Every person wants to know about their remaining resources of packages. To check your remaining resources dial *102# from your Zong prepaid SIM card. That will inform you about your leftover remaining volume.

How to Unsubscribe Zong Monthly Super card?

Zong users can opt-out of the SuperCard offer just by sending a message. Go to Messages then type a new message, type Unsub “Monthly500” and send it to 6464. In a few minutes, your SuperCard offer will become inactive. Remember that SuperCard charges are non-refundable.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Super Card offers automatically will be expired after a given time.
  • If you recharge a new super card then you’re remaining resources will be added to your account along with a new super card offer.
  • All super card duration time can’t be extended.
  • If you unsubscribe from any super card offer the charges won’t be refunded.
  • The charges of super cad and its resources can be changed at any time by Zong.
  • Social media internet data can’t be used to browse other websites and apps.

My Last Words

This article was about Zong Super Card offers and packages. I hope this article has helped you find your favorite Super Zong card. If you have any questions regarding Zong Super Cards or you have a problem, call 310 and contact the Zong Customer Service Helpline. You can also comment below and ask questions about this article. I will try to answer all the questions related to Zong Super Card. Thanks!

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