Zong SMS Packages List (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

Zong Telcom is actually China Mobile Pakistan, a subsidiary of China Mobile. Zong already has 26 million subscribers and has won the #1 operator award in voice and data services. Zong International was the first company to receive a license from the GSM network. Zong currently has 4G coverage in more than 100 cities in Pakistan. The company claims to offer the best services at affordable prices. In this article, I will explain all the SMS packages offered by Zong Telecom. If you are a Zong user, this article will be helpful for you.

Zong Telecom company networks introduced SMS bundles featuring free SMS to all other mobile networks and some free minutes and data. Zong offers SMS packages according to user requirements and needs. Zong offers daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages to its prepaid and postpaid customers. But In this article, we will discuss Zong prepaid SMS packages. If you can’t afford weekly or monthly packages then you can go for daily SMS packages which are cheaper than other bundles.

About My Zong App

Zong Telecom has launched its own app called “My Zong”. With this application, you can check the rest of your data and subscribe to any package online in a few seconds. With this app, you can deactivate any offer and you can also check your SIM balance for free. The My Zong app gives you complete control over your Zong SIM. Zong users can activate their SMS packages online through the “My Zong App”. It’s available for free on the Play Store and AppStore.

Zong Daily SMS Packages List

Zong is the best option if you want to subscribe to daily SMS packages and send text messages for one day. Zong offers daily SMS packages at affordable prices. Zong offers amazing daily SMS packages at low prices with fast service. If you are looking for some SMS for a day. Then daily SMS packages are best for you. After activating your daily SMS package, you will not have to pay an additional fee. All of Zong’s daily messaging packages are listed below, along with subscription fees and activation codes.

There are two types of daily SMS packages. The first one offers 500 SMS per day with 30 Mbs data internet for WhatsApp. It is perfect for chat lovers I can say. By activating the second package, you’ll be able to save Rs. 1 to get only 500 SMS for the entire day.

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Zong 3 Months SMS Packages

Zong users need SMS packages with a longer duration. and a large number of SMS. So that’s why Zong introduced 3 Months SMS packages for its customers. This 3 Months SMS package gives you 3000 SMS for Rs. 1500. To subscribe to this offer you need to dial *1313# from your phone. This offer is valid for the next 3 months. You can send messages to any person and any network all over Pakistan.

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Zong Monthly SMS Packages List

Zong offers several monthly SMS packages to its valued customers. These monthly SMS packages give you unlimited messages that can be used anytime for the next 30 days. Many users love SMS, they want to communicate with their friends via SMS. All monthly SMS packages are cheaper than daily and weekly packages. We can easily subscribe to monthly packages without interruption and enjoy them throughout the month. After subscribing to the monthly package, you will be relieved to have to subscribe again and again for a month.

The Monthly packages are perfect for businessmen and small companies to connect with their customers. They can send promotional SMS without any extra charges. Just then need to subscribe to monthly SMS packages for their business promotion.  Here are all monthly SMS packages with detailed information like price, duration, and activation codes.

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Zong Weekly SMS Packages List

Zong Telecom company always tries to introduce new SMS packages to fulfill customers’ requirements. That’s why Zong offers weekly SMS packages at very low prices. If you want to chat with your friends and family for a long time. Then you can go for weekly SMS packages which will give you ease for a week. In the list of weekly SMS packages, you can find your favorite package which suits you and your needs. In weekly SMS packages, you can send messages as you can.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages are suitable for those who want a lot of SMS without any hindrance. Weekly SMS rates are very low and reasonable which attracts customers. Each package contains hundreds of SMS that can be used at any time before the expiration date. Below is a list of weekly SMS packages with price, duration, and activation code.

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How to Check Zong Internet Remaining Resources?

The simple way to check your remaining internet data is just to dial *102*4# from your Zong SIM. In a few seconds, you will receive an SMS from Zong with complete details of your remaining internet MBs.

How Can I Get a Zong SMS Package?

The first way is to dial * 702 # from your Zong SIM. But the other way is to write a message, type “SUB” and send it to 700. After that, you will receive SMS packet messages. Then answer with the number of packages available. This process allows you to subscribe to Zong SMS packages.

How to Check Zong’s Remaining SMS?

To check Zong SMS’s remaining resources just dial *102*2# from your Zng SImc ard. Then after a few moments, you will receive confirmation related to your reaming SMS.

How to Check Zong’s Remaining Call Minutes?

There are two methods to check your remaining call minutes. The first method name is the “My Zong” app. Install the app and connect it with your Zong number. That’s all. Now you can check your remaining call minutes for free online.

The second method is to dial this code *102*3# from your Zong SIm card. After dialing this code you will receive an SMS related to your remaining Call minutes.


I have tried my best to explain everything about Zong SMS packages. I hope you like this article which is all about Zong SMS packages. Still have any questions in mind related to Zong SMS packages then comment below. Thanks

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