Zong and Ufone YouTube Internet Packages List and Details

Youtube is one of the largest video platforms where we can watch education, entertainment, and gaming videos free of cost. Due to the popularity of the Youtube website. In Pakistan, the All SIM Card Network introduced Youtube internet packages to its customers. You subscribe Youtube internet package to browse only Youtube videos. Keep in mind, These packages are only for the Youtube platform. This means with these Youtube packages, you can’t access other websites or apps. Through these packages, you can only watch videos and browse the Youtube website.

In this article, I will share all Youtube Internet packages for all SIM cards. So you don’t have to be worried about Youtube packages. I’ll share multiple Youtube packages, So find your favorite package according to your needs then subscribe and enjoy. You can view Zong, Youtube packages and dial the code to subscribe. How simple is that right? So, Let’s begin the Youtube packages article.

Zong Youtube Internet Packages

As we know Zong is the largest and most famous cellular company in the Pakistani Market. The Zong 4G services are available in almost every city and village in Pakistan. Zong always cares for its customers to give them better speed and services. Recently Zong launched Youtube packages too for its customers to Enjoy Youtube streaming. I’ll share with you multiple Zong Youtube packages, So you can find your favorite package to feel more comfortable.

Zong Daily Data Max Offer

If you are looking for a daily Zong Youtube offer then this will be perfect for you. Because in this package, You will get 500MB for Youtube only and 500 MB for other websites and apps. This package will be useable and valid for 24 hours. Open your phone dialer and type *6464# from your Zong sim card to subscribe to this offer. To check your remaining internet data then dial *102#. To check your remaining data you may get charged.

The Daily Data Max offer charges are Rs. 38 plus tax. Also, this offer price and validity can be changed at any time. keep visiting this page for more information.

Zong Weekly Youtube Offer

Zong weekly Youtube Offer gives you 8 GB of internet data for only Youtube. This means you can only access Youtube app and website. While activating this offer, You’ll be charged. 135 plus tax. To activate this bundle then dial *570# from your Zong SIM card. This offer will be useable and valid for seven days. After 7 days, Offer will be expired and not be used anymore.

Zong Super Weekly Max

are you looking for more data to watch on YOutube videos? Then you are right package plan. Because this package gives you 15 GB of Internet data for only Youtube and 15 GB for their apps and websites. This is also valid and sueable for 7 days which cant be extended. To activate this offer dial *570# from Zong SIM and Rs. 299 plus tax will be charged. You can cancel or deactivate this offer by sending a message to 570.

Zong Terms and Conditions

  • These packages are only for prepaid customers.
  • Youtube data is only for the Youtube app and website.
  • This offer can’t be re-activated. You can do that manually.
  • On some packages, the tax will be applied.
  • All package prices and duration can be changed by the company at any time.

Ufone Youtube Packages

Ufone is one the old and most reliable companies in Pakistan which are providing its services since 2001. Ufone offers light and heavy packages to its customers. So they can choose a package according to their needs. Now I will share with you Ufone Youtube packages, Find your favorite one which will be compatible with you. In this post, I will share with you various Youtube packages and their details. Let’s talk about Ufone Youtube packages.

Ufone Hourly Youtube Package

Are you looking for an hour Youtube package? Then this plan will be perfect for you. Because this Youtube package allows you to surf one hour of Youtube for only Rs. 10. You can surf youtube for an hour at the lowest price. To subscribe to this offer, Dial *78# from your Ufone SIM Card. To check your remaining balance on your SIM card then dial *706#. Charges may be applied.

Ufone Daily Youtube Package

If you want to enjoy Youtube videos for 24 hours then you should choose the daily Youtube package. This daily package will give you 1 GB of Youtube internet data. Also 40 MBs for other websites and apps. Daily Youtube package charges are Rs. 13 plus tax. This offer is also known as the Daily Light package. If you need Youtube internet data for a day then you can go for this package and enjoy it for 24 hours. Activate this offer by dialing *2256# and you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Ufone Weekly Youtube Package

If you think that hourly and daily Youtube packages are not suitable for you. Then you should try Youtube weekly packages to enjoy for 7 days. After activation weekly package, You don’t need to activate the package again at least not for 7 days. In this package, you will get 5 GB of Youtube data to watch videos for the whole week.  This offer charges Rs. 110 and plus tax may apply. To subscribe to this bundle simply open your dialer and type *5883# from your Ufone SIM. You can enjoy your favorite videos and shows for a week without any problem.

Ufone Monthly Youtube Package

are you looking for a monthly;y Youtube package with a large number of data? Then you’re at the right place, Because in this Monthly package you will receive 30 GB of Internet data and (15 GB are useable from 1 am to 9 am. These package charges are Rs. 700 including tax. To subscribe to this offer simply dial *310# from your Ufone SIM Card. This offer will be valid for 30 days. Keep in mind that the duration can’t be extended.

Terms & Conditions

  • These Ufone Packages are only for prepaid customers.
  • Standard taxes may be applied during the activation of the package.
  • The Packages price can be changed at any time by the company.
  • These offers will work on 2G, 3G, and 4G devices.
  • For support in any problem call customer care.

Final Words

As I mentioned before that all these packages are only for prepaid customers. In the article starting, I tried to explain about Zong Youtube packages, and at the end of the article, I explain about Ufone Youtube packages. If you will have any questions or are you facing any problems related to Youtube packages? Then comment down below. I will try to answer your comments as soon as I can. Also, You can call the SIM card customer care helpline for additional assistance. Have a good day. Thanks

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