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Hello there, Welcome to my Website Sekhnaa.com. My name is Kamran khan and I’m from Punjab, Pakistan. I love to write and share my ideas and knowledge with the world through the internet. I start writing articles in 2018. You can say I have 3 years of experience in writing and WordPress. Also Worked on Fiverr and UpWork as a freelancer and blogging is my hobby. First, I start writing for other bloggers then I decided to start my own blog and write helpful articles for you. You can find all kinds of articles about technology, education and about the news. Seekhna.com Blog started on September 25, 2021, with ideas and design. If you are facing any problems or suggestions about our blog please contact us by clicking here.

My Goal

My website Sekhnaa.com’s basic goal is to share the right information on different topics. This blog is totally free to read all articles for everyone. Normally I write 2-3 articles daily because it’s my hobby. Many websites on the internet are sharing incorrect or wrong information. But my first goal is to share the right information through my articles and blog. This blog is based on a single author. Maybe in the future, more authors will join. But right now I’m only the person who is writing and managing this website. Also, please help me to achieve my goal by sharing these articles with your friend and family.

About Blog

My blog name is “Sekhnaa.com”. Sekhnaa is an Urdu word that means is “Learn”. This blog all articles based on unique ideas and information. I always write articles on Technology, Education, Information, and News related. Also, I write on Internet, SMS, and Call packages topics to share the right information. Right now only two categories on my website but soon I’ll add more categories in the future. For suggestions or feedback don’t forget to contact us via email.

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